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International Cooperation with Italy

Director: Erich Hörtnagl
Genre: Fictional movie for Cinema
Countries: Austria, Southtirol / Italy
Language: German

Three types of women – three types of fate: Their commonness plays in front of the background of the fight for the autonomy of Southtirol in the 1960ies. These women couldn´t be more different: French Carmen, student in Innsbruck, who is acitve member of the BAS (Befreiungsausschuß Südtirol), for that she smuggles explosive-material; the Southtirolian farmer Maria, whose tough life gets under pressure of the Italien police even harder, after her husband, a BAS-leader, had to flee; and the simple, goodhearted widow Rosalia who has moved with her four children from Southtirol to Maria Bergdorf.

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