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Arabische Gerechte

Arabische Gerechte 
International Cooperation with France

Director: Barbara Necek
Genre: Documentary
Countries: Austria, France
Language: Original

They are called “righteous of the tribes”: men and women that took extraordinary courage in dangerous times and saved Jewish lifes against the extermination by the Nazis. They did it so selfessly, without any ulterior motive, that survivors rarely can find them today. Since 1963 the holocaust memorial museum of Israel „Yad Vashem“ has awarded 21000 people in 40 countries for their moral courage: catholics, orthodox-people, atheists – and 60 moslems too! Mainly coming from Bosnia and Albania they resisted against the Nazis, but also against the French-Vichy-government in North Africa … A documentary in Barbara Neceks actual-historical point of view.




General de Gaulle
General De Gaulle
Khaled Al Abdelwahhab
Khaled Al Abdelwahhab

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